MacroEconomics for Beginners 2021

Nature & Scope of MacroEconomics in 160 minutes

∆  Top features of the course :-

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to Modern MacroEconomics.
  • Meaning, definition & Origin/Roots of Macro Economics.
  • What are major issues that concerns Macro Economics.
  • What are the Roles of govt. in Macro Economy.
  • What are Post Keynesian Developments in Economics.
  • Why a separate study of Macro Economics.
  • What is Importance of Macro Economics.
  • Historical Timeline of Economic through flowchart.

Course Content

  • Chapter 1 – Nature & Scope of MacroEconomics –> 31 lectures • 2hr 47min.

MacroEconomics for Beginners 2021


  • Keen interest in Macro Economics.

  Top features of the course :-

✓ Full course PDF is available for download .

✓ 30 Multiple choice questions related to the course on 50% course completion .

✓ An Assignment(Open book test -3hrs) at the end of the course for the writing practice .

✓ 10 Practice test MCQs at the End of  Course . (Updated)

  This Comprehensive course was specially made for Entry level Students/Beginner’s with small or No knowledge of Macro Economics at all.

This course is Part1 Chapter 1 (Nature & Scope of MacroEconomics) of Modern MacroEconomics and covers Basics of Modern MacroEconomics.

After Completing this course you will be able to answer :-

What is Macro Economics ? How will you distinguish it with Micro Economics ?

What are the Origins & roots of Macro Economics?

What are the major issues & concerns of Macro Economics ?

What is the role of the Govt. In the Macro Economy ?

• What are Post Keynesian Developments in Economics ? (Alert ! – Only Introduction )

Why a separate study of Macro Economics ?

What is the Importance of Macro Economics ?

• Historical Timeline of Economics [flow chart]


  In Continuation series of Other Chapters/Section of Modern MacroEconomics will be covered in different courses separately .

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