Excel English Language Communication Skills by Modal Verbs

Ultimate way to excel English Grammar,English Conversation Skills,English Speaking,English Writing,English Pronunciation

Do you want to express yourself in a better way?

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn English Modal Verbs using comparative study method for deeper understanding..
  • You will learn minor differences among confusing Modal Verbs to sharpen your knowledge..
  • You will be able to express your emotions and feelings in a much better way..
  • You will feel a high confidence level after completing this English grammar course..

Course Content

  • Lectures on Modal Verbs –> 18 lectures • 2hr 10min.
  • Practice Tests –> 10 lectures • 18min.

Excel English Language Communication Skills by Modal Verbs


Do you want to express yourself in a better way?

Then your search ends here. This is the ultimate and most comprehensive course in English Grammar which helps you learn English Modal Verbs in a comparative way to enrich your English Grammar Skills for expressing your thoughts better in the most promising way. This A to Z course will boost your confidence level in a very easy and step by step manner. This is really a zero to Hero course and suitable to all types of learners. Please watch preview videos and decide yourself with patience.

English language becomes full of life with Modal Verbs. You can’t express your emotions, feelings, thoughts or ideas without Modal Verbs in English language. You must learn Modal Verbs deeply if you want that your expression or statement should convey the exact meaning what you actually want to convey to your listeners or readers. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations when we have some thoughts, ideas, feelings or emotions inside us which we want to communicate but we are unable to express them properly due to the lack of proper knowledge of Modal Verbs. In short, It’s a great tool in English Grammar to make your thoughts come to words in a powerful manner. If you don’t have a sound understanding of English Modal Verbs, you might convey a wrong meaning unintentionally. This course enables you to grasp minute differences of modal verbs which otherwise sound similar. It gives you the power to convey right meaning at the right time.

But you needn’t worry. This course has been designed in a very unique style to help you learn Modals quickly in a very easy and interesting manner. All the concepts have been categorized on the basis of similar uses to eliminate confusion, instead of studying  one by one in the traditional way. Real life situations visually supported by animated images have been used for easier absorption of the content. Situations have been studied in a comparative manner for imbibing the concept to the root level. Tables and charts have been used wherever necessary for the purpose of comparative study. This course will suit to every type of learner. Don’t feel worried about your previous knowledge. Learner’s pace of learning has been kept in mind while designing the course. You will feel involved in the course.

You may have noticed that you have just read some modal verbs written in bold letters like can, should, must, might, will, may, needn’t etc. Exercise for practice has been provided at the end of each lecture and mixed Practice Tests  have been provided in the second section of practice tests to test all the concepts in one go. Students may wish to pause the video as they think fit before seeing the solution. Your feedback will be most valuable for me.

You may want to use EARPHONES for better audio experience.

Whether you are a school or college student, a professional or businessman; this course is suitable for every type of learner. It’s a mystery solver for all.

I hope your learning experience will be enjoyable and fruitful. Wish you all the best!

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