Grow Your Own Sustainable Vegetable Garden

The Permaculture Way. The Easy Way.

Growing vegetables is easy, fun, and very rewarding – as long as you know how!

What you’ll learn

  • Understand and map sectors (climate, geography & other forces) acting on your property.
  • Position and design an effective, productive and sustainable vegetable garden for your property.
  • Understand basic soil biology and composting techniques.
  • Know how to build and distribute compost in your garden.
  • Know how to build and plant a sustainable vegetable garden from scratch.
  • Understand the basic maintenance requirements of your vegetable garden.
  • Gain basic insight into Permaculture and holistic design.

Course Content

  • Part One –> 6 lectures • 59min.
  • Part Two –> 4 lectures • 19min.
  • Part Three –> 6 lectures • 59min.

Grow Your Own Sustainable Vegetable Garden


  • No experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know..
  • Those with gardening and landscaping experience will learn new concepts from this course..

Growing vegetables is easy, fun, and very rewarding – as long as you know how!


This course is a kick-starter for growing veggies in your own garden, using methods inspired by the revolutionary ecological practice of Permaculture. The lessons can be applied to any site, large or small and are suitable for almost all climates.



What skills will I learn?


  • Learn how to assess your site, and to position and design your garden for the best results.
  • Learn about soil and the soil food web in a practical way, how to build soil and how to make and use compost.
  • Learn how to build vegetable beds, how to plant them up and how to care for your vegetable garden.


You will learn how to grow delicious organic vegetables from scratch!




How is the course presented?


  • The course is made up of a series of short videos, which lead you through a practical step-by-step process from zero, to planting, to maintaining your vegetable garden.
  • You will be encouraged to participate by doing these practical steps yourself in your own garden, after each lesson, so that by the end of the course you will have your garden up and running.



Who is hosting the course?


  • Dan has grown food for 9 years, and has taught more than 200 people the basics of natural food growing in person. Take a look at his instructor bio to learn more.



Is this course for me?


  • Do you want to harvest fresh organic vegetables from your own garden?
  • Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your food-transport-miles?
  • Do you want to be guided through a step-by-step process from zero to harvest?
  • If so, then look no further, this course is definitely for you.


Up-skill yourself, make something of your backyard, eat fresh, eat organic, eat cheap, reduce your carbon footprint, save water, understand soil, build compost and create a thriving food ecosystem!

Sound good? Don’t wait, sign up and start your food growing journey today…

We’ll see you there!


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