Home Automation using Arduino, Smart Phone App and JARVIS AI

Learn to do Home Automation using different approaches like Jarvis AI and Android Apps

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn basics of Arduino.
  • Learn to control Arduino using Python.
  • Learn to build Jarvis AI.
  • Automate various tasks.
  • Learn to build communication between PC and Arduino.
  • Learn to Bluetooth module with Arduino.
  • Learn to build Simple Apps for your Phone.
  • Do Home Automation using Jarvis AI.
  • Control Electronics using Voice Recognition from your Smart Phone.
  • Control Electronics using Switch App on your Smart Phone.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • Basics –> 3 lectures • 10min.
  • Section 1 : Home Automation with Jarvis AI –> 18 lectures • 1hr 1min.
  • Section 2 : Home Automation with Switch App –> 7 lectures • 27min.
  • Section 3 : Home Automation with Voice Recognition App –> 7 lectures • 19min.

Home Automation using Arduino, Smart Phone App and JARVIS AI


  • No programming experience is needed. But having a little knowledge of general programming concepts like variables, loops will be great..

Hey There!

Give a moment of your thought to following questions.

  • Want to automate your Home?
  • Want to control your Home Electronics remotely?
  • Want to build Android Apps for doing your simple tasks?
  • Want to build your own JARVIS AI Assistant? That can do your biding for you just like in movies.
  • Are you inspired by the cool technology used in the movies?
  • Do you love the AI Assistant used in spy and superhero movies?


If your answer to all of these questions is a big “YESSS!“, then this course is right for you and you are in the right place.

After completion of this course, you will learn:


  • Learn basics of Arduino
  • How to convert your Home into a Smart Home?
  • Learn Basic to Intermediate level python.
  • How to build chat-bots?
  • How to build an AI Assistant?
  • How to transform your Computer into JARVIS?
  • How to make the Computer do your work?
  • How to control your Home Electronics using JARVIS from your Computer?
  • How to build Android Apps easily without any complex programming logics?
  • How to build a Switch App to Control your Home from Smart Phone?
  • How to build a Voice Recognition App to Control your Home from Smart Phone?


  • Note: If you have any questions related to the course then ask them away in the Discussion Section below.I believe that

    One must get knowledge whenever he is given the opportunity.”


    Knowledge must be shared as It is our sacred duty.


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    Happy learning!

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