Become a DevOps & Jenkins Superstar! Learn As Easy As 1-2-3

Learn DevOps today and get a practical introduction to (Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes etc.). Get ready for your promotion!


What you’ll learn

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of DevOps. We will cover both the cultural and the theoretical aspect, so you’ll have the correct foundation to build your practical skills upon..
  • An overview of the tools most often used in a DevOps environment like Docker, Jenkins and Ansible.
  • What container technology is and a practical introduction on how use container technology like Docker to deploy containers, microservices and more.
  • Acquire automation, provisioning & configuration management skills with Ansible.
  • Learn Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) with Jenkins step-by-step.
  • Source code management with Git.
  • Container Management with Openshift.
  • Much more….
  • How to further your career by learning DevOps.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 2 lectures • 2min.
  • Source Code Management / Version Control –> 6 lectures • 23min.
  • Docker Container –> 13 lectures • 49min.
  • Provisioning & Configuration Management –> 10 lectures • 41min.
  • Container Management –> 11 lectures • 34min.
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) –> 12 lectures • 33min.
  • DevOps Theoretical Fundamentals –> 3 lectures • 14min.
  • Conclusion –> 2 lectures • 1min.

Become a DevOps & Jenkins Superstar! Learn As Easy As 1-2-3



Do you want to learn what DevOps technology is all about?

Do you want to become a DevOps engineer?

Do you want to further your IT career by acquiring high demand DevOps skills like continuous integration & continuous delivery (CI/CD) and container management?

Do you want to learn how to use common DevOps tools like Jenkins, Ansible, Git, Docker and OpenShift?

My DevOps introduction course is all you need to succeed as a DevOps engineer and position yourself for a new job or a pay-raise.

The course is a step-by-step introduction to the foundational principles behind DevOps as well as a thoroughintroduction to all the common tools used in a DevOps environment.

Everything is taught by an highly experienced DevOps engineer with years of practical DevOps experience.

This course will give you a solid theoretical understanding of DevOps, as well as the practical skills to implement DevOps principles and tools in your job.



The primary objective of this course is to help students understand the fundamental principles of DevOps. It will give you a high-flying overview of how you can use DevOps principles in your own business or with your employer.

Throughout the course you will be introduced to all of the common tools that is used in the DevOps environment. Tools like Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, Git, OpenShift, Sonarqube and more. You will learn how to install, configure and work with these tools in DevOps environment.

Some of the skills you will learn are:

  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Automation , provisioning & configuration
  • Container management
  • Deploying Simple Microservices

And much much more.

Each section will have live-demonstrations of the tasks, so that you can practice your DevOps skills at home.




DevOps is a culture,
a philosophy where Developer AND Operation teams can collaborate &
participate together in agile practice through the entire software
lifecycle, from initial development stage to production support.

DevOps is NOT about
learning fancy tools. It’s about people. About solving problems.

A DevOps environment
may do things a lot differently than your legacy IT. Of course it
won’t change to the worse. In a DevOps environment you can expect
more automation, more flexibelity & an easier way to do things
than how you are used to doing right now.




1. Future proof
DevOps systems has become the standard on which many big corporations and startups are built.
There is nothing to suggest that DevOps implementation will slow down. So if you want job security in exiting tech companies, DevOps is for you.

2. High demand for DevOps engineers
Devops Engineer is
currently a highly demanded position with few qualified engineers to fill the positions. Comparing this to other IT positions, DevOps Engineering is a really promising
career path.

3. Cut cost in half
A good DevOps practice will cut businesses IT budget by 30-50% both mid-term & long-term.




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