Basic Selenium Course – All You Need to Know from Scratch !

The best Basic Selenium Course for Absolute Beginners

The Best Basic Selenium Webdriver course of absolute beginners.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about Automation Testing..
  • Learn About Selenium Webdriver 2.0 scripting.
  • Automate Testcases for better efficiency.
  • Get Knowledge about how to automate a web page.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 3 lectures • 4min.
  • Setup –> 2 lectures • 29min.
  • Working with Elements –> 5 lectures • 1hr 12min.
  • Tables in Selenium –> 1 lecture • 18min.
  • Browser Interactions –> 1 lecture • 3min.
  • Selenium Essentials –> 4 lectures • 58min.
  • Additional Information –> 3 lectures • 23min.
  • Additional Content –> 1 lecture • 7min.

Basic Selenium Course - All You Need to Know from Scratch !


The Best Basic Selenium Webdriver course of absolute beginners.


Here you’ll learn how to automate web pages using Webdriver 2.0


This course covers all the basic knowledge you need to get started on your Automation Career.


This Selenium Training enables you to master the complete Selenium Basic Module.


The Selenium Training is designed to train developers and manual testers to learn how to automate web applications with Automation Testing using Selenium WebDriver.


Selenium is one of the most popular automation testing tools, which is been increasingly used by organizations all across the globe, according to Indeed.


These positions typically attract lucrative annual salaries, ranging from $50,000 for quality assurance analyst jobs to $80,000 for automation engineer role.


Through hands-on, practical experience, you will go through concepts like using the Eclipse IDE, creating a new project, hands-on with commonly used selenium commands, interacting with common elements of a web application like textbox, radio buttons, normal buttons.


Why take Selenium Course ?

With a rise in the usage of web applications across organizations, the market trends for test automation are steadily rising with a huge demand for Selenium. Several industries across the world rely on Selenium resources for their test automation needs. This Selenium training help you learn the fundamentals of and Selenium components including, Selenium WebDriver & Eclipse IDE. The course helps you learn to work with various web element(s) locating strategies, perform actions on web elements and automate web pages.


Today, most companies prefer using open-source automated testing tools that will enable them to cut down the cost and effort that manual testing involves. Selenium is one such open-source automated testing tool for websites. Performance, execution speed, and browser interaction of Selenium are faster than any other automation tool. The test packages, the modes available for unattended execution and the ability to develop the test script in any language supported by Selenium make it the most popular automation testing tool. In addition, Selenium supports different operating systems along with support for different programming languages such as Python, Pearl, Ruby, PHP, .NET, C# and Java, and various browsers, thereby making Selenium the leading automation testing tool. Enroll in this Selenium training today.

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