Essential Energy Care for Empaths

Advanced Practices for Sensing, Cleaning and Protecting Your Energy Body

The Essential Energy Care for Empaths Program teaches practical techniques for sensing, cleaning, protecting and enhancing your energy body. NOW includes a Special Bonus, the Soul Star Meditation!

What you’ll learn

  • Enable Energy Empaths to be able to reduce and even eliminate the impact of negative energy from other people, in order to live more freely and joyfully!.
  • Learn how to sense your energy body (aura) and that of other people and also subtle energy in the environment..
  • Learn several different simple yet powerful techniques for keeping your energy body (aura) clean and healthy..
  • Learn how to protect your energy body (aura) to prevent you from absorbing other people’s energy and emotions, and from energy vampires from draining you..
  • Experience the Soul Star Meditation to accelerate your spiritual development, reduce drama in your life & increase joy, peace, love, and feelings of connection..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 3 lectures • 3min.
  • Energy Empathy –> 4 lectures • 10min.
  • Sensing Subtle Energy & Your Energy Body (Aura) –> 7 lectures • 16min.
  • Cleaning Your Energy Body (Aura) –> 9 lectures • 25min.
  • Protecting Your Energy Body (Aura) –> 5 lectures • 11min.
  • Conclusion –> 2 lectures • 2min.
  • BONUS: Soul Star Meditation –> 2 lectures • 39min.

Essential Energy Care for Empaths


The Essential Energy Care for Empaths Program teaches practical techniques for sensing, cleaning, protecting and enhancing your energy body. NOW includes a Special Bonus, the Soul Star Meditation!

Sensing — Increasing awareness of your own energy body (aura) and subtle energy in other people and the environment

Cleaning —Removing dense or negative energy from your auric field

Protecting — Shielding your energy field from negative energy

This training was videoed in a professional studio with a classroom setup, and is based on the very popular “Energy Hygiene for Empaths” classroom training program. Because working with subtle energy is invisible it is easy for people to have doubts, so we build-in evidence procedures for each of the techniques that we teach.

Are You an Empath?

Empaths are people who are sensitive to other people and their environment. There are many different kinds of empathic sensitivity. Some empaths feel other people’s emotions, some feel others’ physical sensations, and some empaths are sensitive to what is happening to animals and even the natural environment.

The kind of empath this training addresses is called an Energy Empath. These empaths may experience any or all of the other types of empathic sensing, and in addition, they are sensitive to and often absorb subtle energy from the environment and people around them. This is often heavy or negative energy, and it leaves the Energy Empath feeling many different kinds of negative symptoms, including confusion, emotional upset, nausea, itching/burning/swelling of the skin, and even asthma-like symptoms.

If you want to find out if you are an Energy Empath, complete the free assessment included in Section 1 of the training (PDF version) or online at:

Energy Empath Self-Assessment

Fortunately, Energy Empaths do not have to continue to suffer. This video is designed to provide you with the understanding, tools, and techniques to easily and quickly sense, clean and protect your energy body.

The advantage of the ISEE Energy techniques is that you can do them by yourself, anytime and anywhere! They involve mental visualization so you don’t need any special tools or privacy to use them like you would with smudging or sprays. So, whether you are in a business meeting, at a restaurant, in the mall, on a crowded airplane, at the family reunion, or driving the kid’s car pool, you can keep your energy clean, clear and protected!”


1. Introduction

2. Understanding Energy Empathy

3. How to Sense Subtle Energy

4. Cleaning Your Energy Field

5. Protecting Your Energy Field

6. Conclusion

7. BONUS – Soul Star Meditation

The Soul Star Meditation

The Soul Star meditation accelerates your spiritual development and increases your psychic awareness and connection with your own Higher-Self. This leads to less drama and more peace, joy, love, and feelings of connection.

This powerful meditation awakens and expands the Soul and Earth Star chakras, and helps expand the Central Channel, bringing very high frequencies into your energy field and helping to permanently raise your consciousness. Listening to this meditation 2 or 3 times per week will deepen the effectiveness of all of your other spiritual practices.

Harness the Power of Your Soul Star & Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth!

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