UX Design College Class taught by a University UX Instructor

Learn the User Experience Design process, build user personas, UX research, learn UI design, create prototypes & more

Learn User Research

What you’ll learn

  • In this Class, you learn :.
  • How to set goals..
  • How to create a persona..
  • How to create a user interview script.
  • Best practices when conducting user research..
  • How to synthesize research findings..
  • How to write a problem statement.
  • How to create a customer journey map.
  • Sketching templates & frameworks.
  • How to create a wireframe design.
  • How to create a click-able prototype.
  • How to do user-testing.
  • The basis of a design system.
  • How to apply visual design to your wireframe.
  • Best practices when it comes to design resumes.
  • The outline of a good UX case study.
  • UX design portfolios.

Course Content

  • Introduction to UX design –> 13 lectures • 4hr 27min.

UX Design College Class taught by a University UX Instructor


  • Learn User Research
  • Learn how to set goals
  • Create User interview Scripts
  • How to Synthesize Research Insights
  • Write Problem Statements
  • Create Customer Journey Maps
  • Use UX sketching Frameworks
  • Create Wireframes using adobe XD and examples of good and not good wireframe designs
  • How to do user testing and  user testing synthesis
  • How do create a design system
  • How do apply visual design to your wireframe
  • Best practices when creating a design resume
  • Learn to outline how to create a good UX case study


Download all the files you see in the videos including the Adobe XD design files

This course is great for anyone who is studying UX or for UX designers. We cover many topics starting with the very beginning of how to set up your project, how to set up a research plan, best practices when coming up with questions for your research, creating user interviews scripts, conducting research, research synthesis, affinity mapping, personas, empathy maps, customer journey maps, sketching frameworks, how to create wireframes/prototypes, setting up for user testing, creating user testing scripts, conducting user testing, synthesizing user testing findings, design systems, visual design best practices, creating resumes, portfolios, and UX case studies for your portfolio….and much more

We will start with theory/methodology and principles, then reasons why to use each method, when to use a method, examples of these practices/methods. Then we will get very practical and learn how to create each method. We’ll learn best practices for each method. We’ll dive deep into design thinking, design systems and when you combine everything in this class you’ll walk away with a very solid understanding of the UX process, LEAN methodologies and practical guide to the work involved + I include templates and frameworks for everything that you download and keep for ever!

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