How to Design a STAND-OUT Book Cover for Amazon KDP in Canva

Learn How to Design Stunning Book Covers and 3D Mock-ups for Hardcover, Paperback and eBooks on any Budget with Canva

Learn How to Create Amazing Book Covers with Canva on any Budget!

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn what critical elements you need to include on your cover to make it stand out from the crowd.
  • You will learn how to create paperback, hardback and eBook cover designs for FREE using Canva.
  • You will be able to calculate and set the proper orientation and dimensions for your book cover using free cover calculators.
  • You will learn Canva features and techniques that can be used for creating stunning effects and customizing fonts and backgrounds using images.
  • Find inspiration for your book covers with a guided tutorial on what covers stand out and why?.
  • Gain and understand the technical design terms used in cover design, such as trim size, file size, aspect, color modes, and file type to use when uploading to.
  • Know how to create and save your cover files to the correct specifications for a print book and eBook on major platforms like Amazon KDP and Ingram Spark.
  • Create unique book mock-ups for marketing that are FREE.

Course Content

How to Design a STAND-OUT Book Cover for Amazon KDP in Canva


Learn How to Create Amazing Book Covers with Canva on any Budget!

Are you looking to create professional book covers for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) without having to spend hundreds of dollars using graphic designers or freelancers on sites like Fiverr?

Cover design has never been more accessible, thanks to Canva. With this course, you will learn all the steps to create professional-looking book covers for Amazon KDP on any budget and with no previous design experience.


Why this course?

Having created and designed over 350 books, including multiple Best-Sellers across the US, UK and Canada, I will show you the critical design elements essential to make your book cover stand out to more customers, increasing the opportunity for more book sales.

Regardless of your budget or experience in design, a D.I.Y book cover is simple to create once you learn the basics outlined in this course. In addition, cover design can be great fun and highly rewarding, especially when you are armed with the skills to design your very own paperback, hardback and eBook covers.

This course includes all of the essential steps from the core design principles, book formatting for paperbacks, hardbacks and ebooks, front and back cover design, the correct file and format to upload to Self-Publishing platforms such as Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Draft2Digital and Lulu.

In addition to this, you will learn practical know-how and advanced techniques to create your own original book cover design in Canva with little or no budget.

The same principles and techniques you learn in this course can also be applied to future marketing and design strategies that can be used to other visuals, such as social media campaigns to increase book sales and brand awareness.


Enroll today and showcase your amazing book cover designs to the world!

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