Ichimoku Advanced Course

Technical analysis of financial instruments according to Ichimoku kinkōhyō

“Advanced Ichimoku”

What you’ll learn

  • This course is designed to explain from the ground up a unique method of predicting stock and currency prices that is easy to understand for beginners..
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:.
  • – correctly perform technical analysis on a stock chart by themselves,.
  • – determine of changes in the price of a currency, commodity, index, etc. in the future and with high probability determine when and where the price will arrive.
  • – within a few minutes, identify the current exchange rate risk and make the right decision to enter (or not to enter) a financial operation,.
  • – determine, with the use of an indicator, the right time to make a transaction of buy / sell of foreign currency- increasing the profitability of your business.
  • – systematically generate income from operations on the stock exchange or forex market, regardless of your current business profile..

Course Content

  • Advanced Ichimoku course. –> 8 lectures • 3hr 3min.

Ichimoku Advanced Course


  • Basic knowledge of Japanese candlestick construction and the use of formations to identify turning points in the market is required for the course..

“Advanced Ichimoku”

It is with great pleasure that we present a course on a Japanese technique to analyze charts.

The course is designed to explain, in an accessible way from the basics, the unique method of predicting stock and currency prices so that it is understandable even for beginners.

Why this course?

There are much training offers on the foreign exchange market. Most of them, however, will only present the essence of analysing time, targets, or direction of price movement focusing mainly on the price movement itself. Sometimes they will even just focus on the presentation of how the transaction was made which is often not enough to make important decisions.
In our course we present, in an easy to assimilate way, the necessary information of the most relevant issues related to the technical analysis and the possibilities of its effective use, in particular with regard to its impact on increasing the profitability of transactions.
The essence of the Ichimoku advanced course is to provide an easy way to communicate professional knowledge of the best Japanese technique to analyze graphs in a short time.

Why Japanese?

Because the Japanese are the creators of the only one in the world technique for forecasting high and low prices on the market. In addition, it is very likely to predict when and where these values will appear. The information presented during the course has been obtained over the years from the best traders specialized in the Ichimoku KinkōHyō method, as well as directly studying the original Japanese books. During the course, we present materials not available and not yet published outside Japan.

The course consists of seven lessons, three hours of condensed knowledge in total:

  1. Ichimoku lines
  2. Ichimoku indicator signals
  3. Waves theory
  4. Price targets
  5. Timespan principle
  6. Let’s put it all together
  7. Money management

It has taken us many years to get to this knowledge.
You can get it in a few hours.
We invite you to take a look at our Advanced Ichimoku course.


Note: The “Advanced Ichimoku” course is created in English, with internal English subtitles.


Yours sincerely,

Ichimoku Team

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