Certification Course in People management

For all the Managers

What is people management?

What you’ll learn

  • Team management.

Course Content

  • People Management –> 30 lectures • 2hr 15min.

Certification Course in People management


What is people management?

People management is a broad topic that covers what it means to develop, organize, problem-solve for, and grow the employee side of the business. These skills range from being able to mediate a personality clash between team members to building an effective performance management strategy for a business.

People management is different from performance management in that it extends beyond considerations of employees’ work and instead focuses more broadly on employees’ well-being. While performance management is about the ongoing process of setting and evaluating employee progress against established goals, people management is about enabling employees to solve problems and engage effectively with other team members.


People management strategies can make all the difference between bad, mediocre, good and great employee experience. Just the technical skills don’t work. Managers need to be highly competent in managing their teams on people aspect.

Your success as a manager will primarily depend on “soft skills” that are easy to take for granted. What are these talents that mean more than experience and technical prowess combined? Three words: people management skills.

The end-to-end people management system starts with acquiring the right talent and building an effective team. People practices involve knowing and setting the purpose for all teams and each team member within the department. While building teams, managers need to leverage the necessary, modern-day tools to achieve greater success.

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